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Lesson 11: Mid 16th C. Mules (Cork)

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

I just posted a new Lesson on Mid 16th C. Mules (Cork). This was a fun project, and I enjoyed the clean lines of the heel and the outsole. Enjoy!

Rare Swag from the Internets…

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

As you might imagine, specialty tools used in shoemaking are getting harder and harder to come by. Although there are some makers out there who do sell the real deal, there is also a real price tag to go with it. As a result, every now and then you luck out and find a cache of awls or tools that turns out to be incredibly valuable. For example, last year, I was able to find a whole box of about 80 inseaming awls. Recently, I just discovered a box of about 40 square awls, which seem to be very suitable for outsoling, possibly even for 18th century ladies’ shoes, which require very fine stitching. If you have an old box of awls picking up dust in your basement or garage, drop us a note and let us at them!

Taking Commissions and Off-The-Peg Availability…

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Hi all – I’ve decided that I will be taking a limited number of commissions on medieval turn shoes and renaissance welted shoes. I did some publicity at Costume College (which was fabulous), and I thought I would follow up and make a post on my blog as well. I’ve made some literature available here, so please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to get some more information. Additionally, I currently have one pair of off-the-peg shoes available. These are 1600s shoes, similar to those in Lesson 8, size 8.5 M/W, although a 9 might be able to fit. Again, do write me (francis.classe AT if you’re interested in these or any other commission work.

See the rest of the post for more pictures!