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Navy Shoes – Zig Zag Awesome

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Hi all – this is the first pair that I’ve made using the zig-zag punch of awesome from Brian Brown Armory. I absolutely love the look. It’s very similar to the extant pieces shown there, and are the model for Lesson 9. Note that in so many things, clothing, shoes, arts, etc., smaller is actually more correct. So much of the detail, the pinking, the small notches, the decoration, and the like was done small to show off the artistry of the craftsperson. As re-enactors, there is a tendency to make things larger and more visible, but my experience has taught me that less really is more.

Happy New Year, and another piece…

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Hello to all, and happy new year! I hope that the holiday season treated you well. I do not typically make new year’s resolutions, but in my case, I will endeavor to be better about posting twice a month – I’ve actually been quite busy and have had a few commissions completed, but most are similar to what you have seen before. The below is no exception, although I particularly like the cross decoration on the vamp.

A couple of new things to look forward to in the coming months – I’ll be deconstruction a reproduction shoe made by one of the shoemakers at Williamsburg. Then, I’ll reproduce it based on that technique and instructions from Garsault, so that will hopefully be illuminating! I also have a commission for a new pair of pantofles which will be interesting and fun to make. Looking forward to 2014!