Lesson #7: Mid 16th C. Shoes (Stacked Leather)

February 4th, 2011

Announcing the seventh Project Lesson – Late 16th C. Shoes (Stacked Leather). These shoes were finished in June of 2010, but I’m adding the post simply to facilitate searching. See attached for a teaser pic!

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2 Responses to “Lesson #7: Mid 16th C. Shoes (Stacked Leather)”

  1. corn maker Says:

    Thank you for this fantastic blog! Did you ever try making this type on shoes on a narrow-waisted lasts? I am trying to create something similar, but those narrow insoles are causing some gaping..

  2. raisedheels Says:

    Thanks for the thoughts! In truth, I have not done much work on narrow-waisted lasts – it’s something that I’ve been meaning to move more towards, but have not focused much on last work. You might check out http://wherearetheelves.net/late-16thc-last-start/ where Alasdair has done a bit of work on 16th C. style lasts. With proper lasts, since the opening is narrow, I would imagine the gap problem would work itself out.

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