10th C. Viking Shoes

February 8th, 2011

I just posted some information on a pair of 10th C. Viking Shoes. These shoes were finished in January of 2010, but I have to share! Often times, I will barter for clothing, embroidery, or both in return for shoes. In this case, these lovely Viking shoes were made in exchange for a fantastic embroidered wool Viking tunic!

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6 Responses to “10th C. Viking Shoes”

  1. Mel Says:

    Fantastic looking shoes! They have inspired me to make a pair of my own! I love the embroidery and the contrasting colour, very nice indeed!

    One thing I noticed when I was looking through ‘Stepping Through Time’ though; the shoe is actually figure 9c of the Type 10 shoe, not 8c – I made the same mistake first time before I realized Goubitz’s figures run vertical, not horizontal, down the page – which says it’s from Schleswig, not Gdansk. Just thought I’d let you know :)

  2. raisedheels Says:

    Thank you for the compliment! And I will definitely take a closer look and correct it – in some instances I have noticed that Goubitz’s lettering is actually incorrect =)

  3. Magdalena Says:

    Great shoes. I’m seriously thinking of making my own. The problem is, I can’t find my copy of the page from Stepping Through Time that you are referring to. I would like to make the shoes from Gdansk. Could you: send me an email with a copy of the page included, if you still have access to the page. OR Pin the page on pinterest which is where I saw your shoe.

    Thank you for sharing.


  4. raisedheels Says:

    Thank you! Sure, I will send it on over to you – it will have to wait until I get back home, though, since I’m away for the weekend.

  5. Marcin Says:

    Very nice work!!! Can I have a scan of page with pattern?

  6. raisedheels Says:

    Thank you, and I would be happy to – I’ll send it to your email later tonight.

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